Inspire to Aspire

Aspiring Entrepreneur Network SICCI 

The Aspiring Entrepreneurs Network (AEN) provides a comprehensive support platform to understand the needs of Budding Entrepreneurs, Startups, Developing SMEs and to help them achieve their full potential.

The Mission…

Aspiring Entrepreneurs Network, SICCI, aims to adopt a practical approach in understanding the needs and to create a comprehensive support platform for new Start-ups and developing SMEs to achieve their fullest potential.

The Vision…

Leading the Indian community in providing a positive, supportive and structured environment for the development and exchange of quality business ideas and strategies among the 3 group of business owners.

Inspire a spirit of entrepreneurship among aspiring individuals in Singapore.

Unleash the aspirations of budding entrepreneurs through support and guidance.

Our Core Pillars

Enable aspiring entrepreneurs to access resources and networking platforms.

Connect the right mentor to provide confidential business advice through our network.

4 reasons to join AEN

Join our network to unleash a world of business opportunities and networking 


Connect and network with peers, clients and partners via out events to explore business partnerships and opportunities.


Tap into our resources of tools and training via workshops, programmes and seminars to help you sharpen your business sense and knowledge.


Receive sound and strategic advisory from experienced businessmen and entrepreneurs on how to propel your business and overcome challenges.


SME@SICCI is a subsidiary of SICCI which actively promotes the business development of its members.